New to Type 1

 Being Diagnosed Can Be Overwhelming

Once the initial shock passes, the intensive education process begins.Living with T1D is anew way of life and there is so much to learn.JDRF Austin ishere to provide meaningful support and practical information regarding nutrition, ketones, glucose levels, carbohydrate counting, insulin dosage and much more. You are not alone!

At JDRF Austin, the primary objective of our Outreach Program isto provide a helping hand to families, teens, and adults living with T1D by connecting them with resources and other who know what it is like to live with this disease. Find support with JDRF Austin by telling us a little bit about yourself. You can also click on the below links to learn more about JDRF Austin’s support services.

How JDRF can help!

Connect with a Mentor

Our network of mentors is about sharing, helping, listening, and forming new friendships with people who understand your fears, questions, and even your tears. Learn more here.

Receive a Bag of Hope

The Bag of Hope, the cornerstone of the Outreach Program, contains useful information such as books and videos about diabetes, a carb counting tool, an Accu-Chek Aviva blood sugar meter, Rufus the bear with diabetes, and much more! Learn more here.

Get connected with our Social Networks of Support

Learn about our support groups and online forums that offer the opportunity to get connected with others that understand what it is like to live with this disease. Click here for details.

Online Resource Guide

To support our families and indivduals with T1D, check out our new resource page with topics including financial assistance resources, diabetes at school, tips for type 1 college students, helpful websites, and much much more! A special thanks to the Greater Dallas Chapter for sharing their resources with us. Learn more here.