2012 Type1Now Handouts

2012 Conference Handouts & Presentations

Morning Session 1 10:00 – 10:50am

Alternative Caregiver Training
Cassie Giesberg, RN, BSN, CDE: Specially For Children

Alternative Caregiver Presentation
Alternative Caregiver Handout

Artificial Pancreas Project- Everything You Want to Know
Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D – JDRF Assistant Vice President, Treatment Therapies
Pairing an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitoring system in order to achieve a working closed-loop system that manages blood sugar will revolutionize diabetes management. Aaron Kowalski who is at the forefront of these developments, will discuss what progress has been made in achieving this ultimate goal and what the future with an artificial pancreas looks like.

Artificial Pancreas Project Presentation
Artificial Pancreas Project Handouts

Diabetes Burnout
William Polonsky, Ph.D, CDE: Founder & President of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute

Living well with diabetes requires a patient to balance the daily management of their medical needs with their emotional needs. Dr. William Polonsky, Founder and President of the Diabetes Behavioral Institute, will share coping strategies to avoid and overcome diabetes burnout.

Diabetes Burnout presentation
Diabetes Burnout handouts

Knowing Your Numbers- Tools for Better Health
Kerem Ozer, MD: Endocronologist at Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology

This session, led by Dr. Ozer of Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology, will highlight what tests every person with diabetes should get regularly, how to interpret those test results, and ultimately measures to improve your numbers and maximize your health.

Knowing Your Numbers Presentation
Knowing Your Numbers Handout

Morning Session 2 11:00 – 11:50am

Advanced Pumping

If you already know the pump basics, this is an opportunity to take the next step. Gary Schneier, owner of Integrated Diabetes Services, will teach you how and when to apply advanced pump features, regulate your basal rates and bolus doses, troubleshoot effectively, and much more.

Advanced Pumping presentation
Advanced Pumping handouts

Strategies For Giving Support and Getting What You Need (for spouses/partners of adults with T1D)
Korey Hood, Ph.D: University of California, San Francisco
Managing diabetes is hard work for the person with T1D and their loved ones. In this session, psychologist Korey Hood will offer strategies for giving support to your spouse or partner with T1D, as well as how to get the support you need. If you take care of yourself, you’ll be more effective at supporting your partner with T1D.

Giving Support Presentation

Maximizing Control with MDI
Terri Knox, CDE: Austin Endocrine
Terri Knox, RN, CDE at Austin Endocrine, will discuss what different types of insulin are on the market and how they work. She will provide tips and techniques on how to time and dose injections to get the best glucose control possible.

MDI Presentation
MDI Handouts

Afternoon Session 1 2:40 – 3:30pm

Making Sense of Sensor Data
Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE
Using a continuous glucose monitor (GCM) and benefitting from a CGM are two different things. Gary Schneier will teach how to make better use of continuous monitor information in day-to-day living and how to gain insight from interpreting downloaded information.

CGM Presentation
CGM Handouts

Diabetes and the Teen Years
Korey Hood, Ph.D: University of California, San Francisco

Gain a deeper understanding of how to empower yourself and your teen toward better control as well as address psychological and self esteem issues. This session will be facilitated by psychologist, Korey Hood. This session is NOT appropriate for teenagers.

Diabetes and the Teen Years Presentation

Making Life Easier with Accurate Carb Counting and Nutrition
Sandi Spicer-Moore: registered and licensed dietician, CDE, & certified insulin pump trainer
Refresh yourself on accurate carbohydrate counting with nutritionist, Sandi Spicer-Moore. She will also discuss the glycemic index as well as share meal planning tips and recipes to make your life easier.

Carb Counting Presentation
Carb Counting Handouts

Afternoon Session 2 3:40 – 4:30pm

Sports and Exercise
Thomas Blevins, MD: Endocronologist at Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology
Are you or your loved one with T1D considering beginning or ramping up an exercise regimen? If so, this session is for you! Dr. Thomas Blevins of Texas Diabetes and Endocrinology will offer strategies on how to manage changes in your blood sugar levels and adjustments in your insulin needs.

Sports & Exercise Presentation
Sports & Exercise Handouts

Family Teamwork and Marriage
Bethany Prescott: Trained Therapist & Parenting Coach

Diabetes is certainly a family affair. Research, clinical studies and patient experiences have taught us that how families communicate has a tremendous impact on medical control and emotional well-being for the person with T1D, siblings, and the entire family. This presentation, led by therapist and parenting coach Bethany Prescott, will focus on providing tools to better communicate and cope so that everyone’s emotional needs are met.

Family Teamwork & Marriage Handouts

From Puberty to Pregnancy and Beyond
Kerri Sparling, Blogger, www.SixUntilMe.com
This session, led by Kerri Sparling, is all about being a woman and having T1D.

Puberty & Beyond Presentation